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how bout this one.
Ive got a budget of around $2200 and I need advice on what kind of specs I should be looking for when buying a computer that is mainly for 3D modelling, animation, rendering etc

PLeaase help
Cool, I think I figured out some cool electives for Uni.
Level 1 Video Production 1 ->…
Level 2 Video Production 2 ->…
Level 3 Animation studies :D ->…

I havent really looked at what you can do with electives in level 2 and 3 so I hope I cant take those ones.

O and 5 days of work left :D :D :D :D :D !!!!!!
Awesome only three weeks left of holiday work, i cant wait till the hell is over, then its packing and down to hamilton to move in to the student village, i cant wait to start the course :D O and yes I do have an internet room so I wont be absent from deviantart :)
OMG Autodesk bought out Alias, thats so random, hope it doesnt change anything.

Lol this was a very in depth journal so I thank you for taking the time to read it.
Yea I got a PSP, the only downside is the seriously small memory card (32megs), o well can always buy a bigger one =D
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I start summer Holiday work today, from now I have to work 7 till 5 , 6 days a week untill the 10th of february. PICKING TOMATOES! yay fun :( . But its goin towards a car so its good :)
Ive never acually been persistent enough to create an entire scene, I keep posting previews and stuff, I need to get motivated and plan a scene. Just puttin it out there so I someone sees me post another bloody unfinished peice they can call me up on it.
apparently the late nights paid off

Yay I got accepted for an interview for the degree I want to do, and only 25 people get chosen, so here hopin the interview goes well.
Yay now all I have to do is
Design Project
Biology Assessment
Maths Assesment
Cisco Skills Assesment
Cisco Final Resit
And study for Final Exams
Media Design School Application And Portfolio
And Waikato university Portfolio
-Two Graphics Assignments  
-One Design Assignment
-Two Biology Assignments
-Weekly CCNA Tests (including writing journal, average 12 pages     per test)
-CCNA Case Study
-English Seminar To Prepare
-PortFolio To Make for University
-Pre Entry Excersises For University

All in the next 7 weeks, Yay
Get this -…
Sweet, I dont know how often it happens (probibly alot) but I got a free weeks subscription, Im basically writing this to see whats new in the journal. Its cool, especially like the thumbnails in the message box.
Sweet its school holidays for me over her in NZ so ive finally got time to learn to draw and CG, YAY!
Sweeet 13 pages later Ive finished the Chapter 1 journal for cisco, awesome only 5 chapters to go, on to graphics work.
The Most tedious thing in the world is writing a semester four cisco journal, just thought you'd like to know.
Design Is Handed In  :teevee:
Wow its amazing how things can f*ck up the night before a deadline. First I discover  a whole bunch more work I havent done, then when I go to print out my final work on photo paper I realise There is no Ink. So I finally find A colour cartridge but no black. and of course black is quite often used in my designs. But no the shit doesn't end there i go and rip off the wrong plastic off the full colour cartridge dripping ink onto some expensive sheets of photo paper. Because I ripped this plastic off, of course now I cant print anything that doesnt include messed up colours and extreme banding. And to cap it all off my head is explodeing with the pain of a thousand headaches. And now Im sitting here writing this hoping to relieve my frustration but instead is just wasting time that I don't have.  
Well its The second night before design is due and I think Im going to make it, only a few things left to do printing etc. Yay